Friday, 29 August 2008

This was the first single from the album "Unlucky Fried Kitten present"
which was an 11-track pop-punk indie album from 2004.
Andy Export had always had a fascination for robots and he started to make his own robots, as a snot and marmite-covered kid in the late 60's and ealy 70's. He made them out of cardboard boxes then. Perhaps we all did? On his 13th birthday Andy was playing a song on his cassette was called This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both of Us by Los Angeles band, Sparks. There was a knock on his bedroom door...and his father showed him a letter to say that he (the father) had been commissioned to invent a new robot for a tv show. Andy Export (known as Andy Fraser in those days) was thrilled. He rushed outside to play football in the snow in the valley between Castle Hill and Brenchley, in Kent. Andy, for the record, lived in a lane called Palmer's Green Lane, near Brenchley. It is significant because the robot his father designed was based on a local criminal who buried proceeds from a robbery at the Bank of America in London. People who grew to know and love this tv robot had no idea that it was created in the angularised image of a notorious bank robber. Andy Export went on to front indo-european rock band Death In Venice...and then created Unlucky Fried Kitten in 1995. This is the first time his paternal-robot connection has been mentioned in public. When people ask why he wrote this classic pop song, I Am A Robot, he usually pretends that it was a mistake, after trying to learn a Gary Numan bass-line.
Famous tv and silver-screen robots include the following:
Metal Mickey
Max (from Black Hole)
Gort (from 1951 film, The Day The Earth Stood Still)
Klaatu (Gort's friend)
The Iron Giant (Vin Diesel)
Robby The Robot (from The Forbidden Planet)
Johnny 5 (the Dyson vac lookalike from Short Circuit)
Maria (from the film Metropolis set in 1927.....but looking extremely futuristic)
C3PO (is he one of the best Star Wars characters?)
MechaGodzilla ( were bored with Godzilla so we made him out of metal and we armed him to the teeth)
Roy Batty (Blade Runner)
T-1000 (hard bastard from Terminator 2)
Bender (from Futurama)
Robocop (well...that one's gotta be a favourite with the asbo-merchants around now)
T-800 (boring name...but..come's Arnie from Terminator)
Marvin The Paranoid Android (one of the author's mostest favouritist characters from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The't talk to me about life)
Optimus Prime (the young Andy Export always wanted to be a truck-driver...this is why)

Finally...a big mention to the Daleks and the Cybermen from Doctor Who and a nod to that robot crewman in Alien.
To conclude...the adult Andy Export's favourite robot site is
Thanks all.

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